Meeting Michael

Welcome back. Hope you all had a nice Christmas break. Over the holidays I interviewed MoonStreet, an Irish Michael Jackson fan who has been around the world numerous concerts and events with Michael.

She first saw Michael at the HIStory World Tour in Dublin in 1997 (the biggest world tour by any performer ever), met him four times, was invited into his Neverland ranch and also present at the This Is It press conference in 2009 to name but a few.

history world tour

She would travel to many events Michael was present at such as book signings and fan parties along with other fans. ¬†She had numerous photographs of him from close up but had never had one with him together yet. She met him in London outside Dorchester Hotel in 2000. She showed her dedication when she told me “if you heard he was a few miles away, staying at a hotel, would you drop everything and risk it all just to be there?”

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