Michael Jackson: Justice (Part 3)


We’ve reached the finale of the Justice series and with it comes the events surrounding the premature death of Michael Jackson.

In March 2009, Michael Jackson held a press conference at the O2 arena in London where he announced a series of concerts called “This Is It” believed to be his final curtain call, and they indeed proved to be just that. This would be his first tour since the HIStory Tour in 1997 which grossed over $165 million (excluding free concerts). I couldn’t believe it, finally a chance to see the King of Pop live, as I was only 8 during the last tour. After seeing so many clips of his concerts including the Dublin concert, I couldn’t wait. There were set to be 10 concerts in London followed by concerts in Paris and NYC amongst others earning Jackson £50 million alone. However, 50 dates were now added with over one million tickets sold out in under two hours. Michael didn’t sign up for 50. I don’t know anyone who can do 50 concerts never mind someone who was 50 years of age themselves. Continue reading


Michael Jackson: Justice (Part 2)

MJ Praying

So we are onto part 2 of the Justice blog. In this blog I will shed some light on Michael Jackson’s appearance, the rumours which surrounded him and his cruel punishment by the police during his trial.

Let’s start with his appearance. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Michael’s skin tone appeared to get noticeably lighter with people suggesting that he was bleaching his skin or has had plastic surgery to make him ‘white’. However, there is no such surgery for alternating skin colour or else genetic disorders such as Albinism would be cured. Instead, he had a rare skin disease known as Vitiligio which causes depigmentation of the skin and affects 3% of the world’s population. Continue reading

Michael Jackson: Justice (Part 1)


So next in the blog series will involve several parts called Michael Jackson: Justice. I decided to call them Justice due to everyone’s complete misunderstanding of a man portrayed by the tabloid media as ‘Wacko Jacko’. Michael Jackson was a musical genius and a humanitarian – the King of Pop. He changed the music industry completely with hit song after hit song spanning several different genres and he was the first black artist to feature on MTV, such was the man’s power. He has donated over $350 million to charities and set up many hospitals across the globe. He is one of the most recognised people in the world at the top of his game. Therefore he was an easy target for the media.

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Michael Jackson: Bad25 a celebration?

Image With this being my first blog, I decided to celebrate the arrival of the 25th anniversary of the multi-platinum album released in 1987 and was certified platinum on this day in 1988.

Having all of the albums, I have to say Bad was my favourite, despite Thriller being the most successful, yet arguably during the Bad tour, Jackson was at his peak.
Bad spanned 5 number ones in the Billboard Charts – “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana”, which is unthinkable these days and with a lack of viral marketing or digital sales back in 1987.

So, would MJ be turning in his grave now at the exploitation of his back catalogue and numerous album releases from Sony, with whom he fell out with over the Invincible album?  Continue reading