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I thought I would start a segment on some of the unreleased tracks that never made Michael’s albums.Michael would write over a hundred songs for each album. However, it is such a statement to Michael Jackson that these songs were worthy of any other album, yet such was the quality of the other songs on his albums, that these songs never made it. If you haven’t heard these songs before, I hope you enjoy them.

Love Never Felt So Good

This beautiful song, written by MJ in 1983, showcased Michael’s great vocals and had a great harmony complimented by his finger snaps. One of my favourite MJ songs, however unfortunately the song didn’t make the Thriller album. This track is definitely worth a listen to hear his range and versatility.

Slave to the Rhythm

This song, which was produced by Tricky Stewart, didn’t make the Invincible album. The dance anthem sound was prominent during the time it was written in 1998. This song is timeless and could well have been in the charts today.

There Must Be More To Life Than This

Michael and Freddie formed a good friendship during this period. This was one of three songs that Michael worked on with Queen’s Freddie Mercury in 1983. Freddie also wrote and performed “State of Shock” with Michael. The duet features two of the world’s greatest ever performers, both of whom passed away far too soon.

We Be Ballin’

Michael wrote this song in 1998, a remix was to be released on a NBA compilation album scheduled for the end of 1997 and was also going to be featured in commercials for NBA’s “I Love This Game” campaign but went unreleased due to  a player strike that season. The song featured Ice Cube and Shaquille O’Neal and showcased Michael’s skill as an R’N’B singer.

I hope you enjoyed these songs. There are hundreds more which I will pick from in the coming weeks.

*** Also Happy 30th anniversary to the moonwalk which was showcased yesterday the 26th March for the first time in 1983, at Motown 25. Here’s a reminder of that special performance to enjoy once more.


5 thoughts on “Unreleased Michael Jackson songs (1)

  1. Some of my favorite unreleased /rare songs are the songs we found before June 2009

    This is a list I put together in 2010

    there are two songs which are known to exist but NO ONE other than the people who have them have ever heard them.

    another charity song, recorded in October 2005 in London, for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Blocked from release due to disagreements between Michael, Sony and 2 Seas Record label. The song is now property of the Shiek of Bahrain, who set up 2 Seas Record label with Michael. There was a court case in November 2008, in London between Michael and the Sheik, where the song was going to used as evidence but the case was settled out of court and the song was never used as evidence.
    Not to be confused with the Will Smith film, MEN IN BLACK has only ever been heard by 10 people. It was recorded and 10 copies were made. These Cd’s were given to 10 SONY executives on a flight to Neverland in the early 90’s. They were going to Neverland to hear songs which would later become Dangerous album, and the special Cd’s were given to them as a preview of the type of songs on Dangerous.These Cd’s have disappeared and no one else has ever heard this song.
    It was written for a Shelved Greatest Hits called Decade that was to be released in 1990. But Michael kept coming up with new tracks so the let him do a full album.

    Mind Is The Magic
    recorded early 90’s for Sigfried and Roys Vegas show, THE SECRET GARDEN, released on the soundtrack album of the show

    The Man
    duet with Paul MacCartney, released on Paul’s album, Pipes of Peace

    Its Not Worth It
    Michael sings backing vocals for Brandy, song released on Brandy’s album FULL MOON

    I Just Cant Stop Loving You (Todo Mi Amour Eres Tu )in South American Spanish
    originally released only in South America, released world wide on the BAD album special edition in 2001

    also on BAD special edition

    on OFF THE WALL special edition
    Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough (Original Demo From 1978)
    Workin’ Day And Night (Original Demo From 1978)

    On THRILLER special edition
    Someone in the Dark
    Billie Jean (Home Demo from 1981)
    Voice-Over Session from “Thriller with Vincent Price

    anyone interested in rare songs should get THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION. A boxset of 4 cds and a dvd of Bucharest Dangerous concert. It was released in November 2003

    songs in The Ultimate Collection
    Shake a Body” [Early Demo]
    Sunset Driver” [Demo]
    “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” [Demo]
    “Someone in the Dark”
    “State of Shock” (w/Mick Jagger)
    “Scared of the Moon” [Demo]
    “We Are the World” [Demo]
    “We Are Here to Change the World” (from Captain EO)
    Cheater” [Demo]
    “Dangerous” [Early Version]
    “Monkey Business”
    “Someone Put Your Hand Out”
    “On the Line” (from Get on the Bus)
    “Fall Again” [Demo]
    “In the Back”
    “Beautiful Girl” [Demo]
    “The Way You Love Me”
    “We’ve Had Enough”

    Unreleased Songs

    Elizabeth I Love You
    never recorded, only performed once, at a tribute for Elizabeth Taylor

    You Were There
    never recorded, only performed once, at a tribute for Sammy Davis Junior

    Hold My Hand , with Akon
    original leaked summer 2008,

    leaked early 2003, search youtube

    Gangsta /No Friend of Mine
    put together by Tempermental from recordings they did with Michael, put on their myspace page late 2006
    Lisa It Your Birthday
    originally recording by Michael, not the version sung by someone else which appears on the album SIMPSONS SINGS THE BLUES, and on the episode Stark Raving Dad

    What More Can I give
    Recorded by Michael and many other artists, as a charity single similar to WE ARE THE WORLD, for the people of New York and those affected by September 11. Performed at the charity event in Washington DC in November 2001 but blocked from release by SONY, due to their disagreements at the time with Michael.

    from the INVINCIBLE recording sessions, didn’t make the final track-list, released in October 2001 as a bonus song on the CRY CD single

    duet with Eddie Murphy, released on Eddie Murphy’s album Love’s Alright in 1993

    Got The Hots
    released on the Japanese edition of Thriller 25

    For All Time
    released on Thriller 25

    Love Never Felt So Good
    written by Michael with Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield.
    It was recorded by Johnny Manthis for his 1984 album, A Special Part Of Me.
    demo version by Michael leaked on the internet in 2006 – no official release.

    “Get It” Duet w Stevie Wonder. It was on Stevie’s album “Characters.”

    “Somebody’s Watching Me”
    heard on the “Money With Eyes” Geico commercials: MJ participated in production, may have co-wrote it, and sang the backing vocals for “Rockwell” in the early 80s, who is Barry Gordy’s son. I used to watch the video in the 80s. You can find it now on You Tube.

    HOT STREET” unreleased demo
    She Got It
    Serious Effect
    Bumper Snippet Kid
    those were supposed to be on the bonus cd for Dangerous along with some other one’s(one is Bottle Of Smoke..but I can’t find it)
    Nite Line
    Hot Street
    Groove Of Midnight
    those 3 are from the Thriller sessions
    Bumper Snippet(which is from Bad sessions)
    If You Don’t Get It

    Also anyone interested in rare songs etc should check out FOR THE RECORD by Chris Cadman

  2. Guys me and michael may be divorced and he may be gone but I still love him. I miss him. We were friends and with my dad gone, too, all I have is my children. Paris, prince, and prince michael

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