Meeting Michael

Welcome back. Hope you all had a nice Christmas break. Over the holidays I interviewed MoonStreet, an Irish Michael Jackson fan who has been around the world numerous concerts and events with Michael.

She first saw Michael at the HIStory World Tour in Dublin in 1997 (the biggest world tour by any performer ever), met him four times, was invited into his Neverland ranch and also present at the This Is It press conference in 2009 to name but a few.

history world tour

She would travel to many events Michael was present at such as book signings and fan parties along with other fans.  She had numerous photographs of him from close up but had never had one with him together yet. She met him in London outside Dorchester Hotel in 2000. She showed her dedication when she told me “if you heard he was a few miles away, staying at a hotel, would you drop everything and risk it all just to be there?”

Her stories and her scrapbook astonished me. I never realised how close someone could get so close to Michael and in the case if some fans, become his friend. This was the most famous person ever and yet he embraced his fans always stopping and accepting gifts from him or posing for photographs. The stories that stuck with me were as follows.

MoonStreet was present at his 30th anniversary performances in 2001 at Madison Square Garden where several performers such as Britney Spears, Gloria Estefan, Liza Minelli, Usher, Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston and N Sync etc all performed his songs. It also featured a Jackson 5 reunion. Watch the performance with Britney below. However while she was leaving a few days later to go home the September 11 bombings occured and she had to stay in the country. Michael’s bodyguards called him to tell him that that some of his fans, outside the hotel he was staying in, had nowhere to stay. Although MoonStreet had arranged a place to stay, unbelievably Michael told his bodyguards to let the fans stay in his suite. This showed what a kind man he was.

She met him in 2002 in a music store in Berlin when he was present for an awards ceremony that week. He stopped and posed for her only picture with her, which I found astonishing considering he had so many bodyguards around him at all times. But she told me that this is what Michael wanted, to live the normal lifestyle.

However, the most fascinating story she told me about was in 2005 during the trial. She and other fans had waited outside Neverland for Michael to return from the courthouse. After arranging with Michael’s driver to check what time he would return at and if it was ok to present him with several gifts, the car pulled into the ranch. However, Michael got out and greeted the fans, invited those who stuck by him into his home. It seems amazing that he trusted the fans so much to invite them inside, although with the whole world against him at the time, the fans were all he could trust. He shook their hands and welcomed them into his home. He allowed the fans to wander freely in the living room, kitchen, outside pool area etc.


Her last appearance with him was in 2009 at the This Is It press conference. She stated that Michael was addressing his loyal fans, who had stuck by him through it all, during the speech and that these concerts were for them and not for those who had abandoned him. He looked in good shape and never doubted his fitness for carrying out the concerts. Like all his fans, she had tickets to go see him and unfortunately she couldn’t use those tickets in July. The conference was to be the last time she saw him. She was present at the memorial service at the Staples Centre to say goodbye but she like us all have lost a huge part of our lives. Despite this, I feel she was very lucky in that she got to see him so many times and had the privilege of meeting him.

I’d like to thank MoonStreet for giving me her time and sharing her stories to be used in this blog piece. If you want to learn more about her and follow her journey visit her site

or follow her on Twitter


For the next blog, I shall be discussing the impact of Michael on the artists of today’s music scene.


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