Michael Jackson in Numbers


Straying away from the deep topics of the past weeks, I have decided to post about the career and records of Michael Jackson. I have seen this done for films and artists before however have never come across one for the King of Pop. This is his career in numbers.

Michael Jackson was born at 2300 in Gary, Indiana in 1958 with 8 siblings. is the number of Grammy’s Jackson won in one night, a record. He has 13 Grammy’s in total. 13 is the total number of solo numbers ones he received in his career. He received the most ever number ones on one album, with Bad achieving 5 out of the 9 songs and is the 5th biggest album of all time. is the number of number one albums – Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible. Jackson started aged as part of the Jackson 5 and he was just  11 when they achieved number one hits from their first 4 singles I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save and I’ll Be There.


Dangerous sold 32 million records, Bad sold 35 million while Thriller reached at least 65 million. HIStory remains the biggest selling double disc album selling 22 million copies. Off the Wall (20 million) was the first solo album to have 4 top 10 hits including Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Rock With You. He broke his own record in having 7 of the 9 top 10 hits from the album, Thriller. $million was spent on the song Scream with his sister Janet, the most expensive video ever made.

Michael was inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame two times. He is the 3rd best selling artist of all time only to the Beatles and Elvis. He has the most music awards standing at 372. Thriller spent 37 straight weeks at number one in the Billboard albums charts. He has 29 Guinness Book of World Records including most successful concert series selling out nights in Wembley bringing in 504,000 people and also the most supported charities at 39 and being the highest single donator estimated to have donated around $400 million. This includes donating $60 million from the We Are The World song and donating all profits from the Man in the Mirror single and the Dangerous World Tour to charities such as his own Heal the World foundation. Michael’s performance at the half time show at SuperBowl XXVII with a televised audience of 133.4 million with viewership actually rising during half time (never happened before).

He has featured in the Simpsons, Men in Black 2 and the Wiz. He has his own video game, Moonwalker. Jackson has written the main songs to Free Willy 1 & 2 and E.T and also starred in Disney’s Captain EO

He has sold over 750 million records including 47 Billboard 100 songs. MJ paid 47 million for the Beatles catalogue of 251 songs. Neverland cost 17 million but is now worth an estimated 250 million.

The firsts:

  • The first black singer to appear on MTV with Billie Jean.
  • First to have 7 top ten hits from one album, Thriller.
  • First to have 5 number ones on one album, Bad.
  • First superstar to sell one million downloads in a week
  • Thriller was the first and only music video inducted into the National Film Registry
  • You Are Not Alone was the first ever song to debut at number one in the Billboard Hot 100
  • First to have over 100 million records sold outside the U.S.
  • First to showcase the Moonwalk at Motown 25

These records show how much of a great musician or else I have probably succeeded in confusing everyone with all these numbers! Next blog will feature an interview with one of Michael’s biggest fans who has also met him.


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